More Than a Table: 10 Tips to Make Your Coffee Table a Downright Centerpiece

More Than a Table

When you eventually decide on your living room design, perhaps it is the right time to attach a particular touch to the prime focus of your space, and you can attain such by merely placing a coffee table.

Certainly, the sofa takes all the recognition as the most important piece of a family room, but in reality, the coffee table is where you can sharpen your designing skills. But before you get excited, your planned design must be practical, serving as a foundation for entertaining visitors who will likely spend moments in your living room.

In addition to being functional, it must also match your layout style, showcasing books, souvenirs, and other decor pieces that balance together with the bigger furnishings in the living room.

Maintain Symmetry

Balance is an essential element of any coffee table layout, and one of the simplest ways to attain balance is through symmetry. Showcasing only large pieces can seem cumbersome and heavy. To maintain balance for your coffee table, try to alter the order of display pieces and stack items together.

Design with the Season

As a living room highlight, the coffee table is an excellent item to switch seasonal decorative components. For instance, placing a jar of fresh tulips during spring. Meanwhile, during summer, try placing shells on a pile of books to create a beachy vibe. As fall comes, try swapping out the shells for a gourd or pumpkin.

Vary Colors

Vary Colors

Select decor that counterbalances the shade of your coffee table. If your table is neutral or white, then go with pieces of daring colors. For dark or black woods, display crisp, white, and metallic tabletop pieces. Or, you can also go for a clear table, to make any color options a go.

Make a Grid

When operating with a big coffee table, identifying how to start the design can be tough. To make things easier, try to tape off parts to create a grid and place objects in the squares. If you plan to buy a coffee table in BlackMango, this technique helps categorize your design and makes the whole task less pressuring.

Pick a Side

If you are struggling with a big space to cover, opt to decorate merely one side to help keep your coffee table from looking cluttered, and to assure you provide plenty of space for family and friends to place a plate, cup, or any other items.

Go with Nature

Go with Nature

Even for individuals who dislike nature, a coffee table is the ideal setting for a low-maintenance plant. Place the plant in the center of the table for a natural, calm way to produce life into your room.

Utilize a Tray

A tray provides both a functional and fashionable design by highlighting your favorite small acquisitions while making them readily removable in case you need to clean the surface. Additionally, a tray is beneficial for providing symmetry and structure to a workspace, placing tabletop pieces that may otherwise seem like they are floating.

Check Every Angle

When choosing coffee table pieces, it is best to consider how they will look from several vantage points. Image frames, for example, only provide one great angle and are better fitted for mantel or bookcase.

Offer a Functional Place

Offer a Functional Place

Your coffee table is the center of social activity in your family or living room. Try to focus on practicality with baskets, or wooden boxes to offer a convenient place to place remotes, reading glasses, coasters, or any other daily essentials that usually cause coffee table mess.

Make It Special

Share a cup of coffee and let your memories and passions in life be a start to a meaningful conversation. A collection of seashells from an unforgettable vacation, handed-down figurines or flowers snipped from your backyard are all excellent ways to provide your living room’s decoration a personal twist.


Designing your coffee table is a tiny piece of art. As coffee tables mostly have obvious areas in family rooms, it is essential that they look attractive.

However, you must keep in mind that it is also critical for the coffee table to provide a function in the way they are supposed to. In the end, living rooms are part of a home where a lot of people tend to gather, and it is best to keep it practical and beautiful as possible.


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